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1. Why do I need to go through a broker?

Basically everyone you are speaking to or are receiving an email from is an auto transport broker. Over 95% of all trucking companies that physically move your vehicle own and operate 2 or fewer trucks. Almost all of your actual carriers rely on brokers to fill their trailers with vehicles, and don’t have the time or the staff to advertise online. All brokers and truck drivers coordinate through the same National Dispatch board–drivers rely on brokers to post available vehicles, and brokers choose on behalf of the customer which reputable drivers they recommend to transport. Our job is to post your vehicle at the most cost effective price to get it picked-up and delivered, in the desired time frame you need by only the most reputable carriers.


There are a lot of brokers that will lead you into believing that THEY WILL PICK YOU UP, and will GUARANTEE pickup within 1 to 7 days for the price that they quoted you!!!! Think about it–how can a broker GUARANTEE a price when they do not even own or operate a single truck!!

2. Why do you receive quote prices so drastically different?

All the quotes you receive through email or over the phone are just RECOMMENDATIONS based on market prices set by auto transport carriers. Many brokers will entice you with “low ball” bids to attract the customer shopping for the “BEST POSSIBLE” price. CHEAP QUOTES WILL NOT MOVE CARS!! We all use the same network of drivers so the only real difference between brokers will be the deposit amount and customer service.

3. Why is a deposit required?

A deposit is the only means of payment that a legitimate broker receives. Most drivers prefer to be paid on delivery in cash, certified check, or money order PAYABLE TO THE CARRIER WHO ACTUALLY TRANSPORTS YOUR VEHICLE. Be very leery of brokers who take full payment from you. From this method, they will try to find the cheapest carrier possible and pocket the difference from what they have charged you. Whether your transport costs $200 or $2,000, Above The Rest makes a flat fee–not a percentage.

4. What, exactly does the Quoted price include and are there any hidden costs?

The quoted price includes the deposit as well as all taxes, tolls, and fuel. Getting your vehicle national exposure to multiple carriers will give you more transport options. Any carrier can always ask for MORE MONEY for your requested transport, and it is always the broker’s job to verify and relay that offer to the customer. You have the right BUT NOT THE OBLIGATION to accept or decline any offer for any reason (price or pickup/delivery spread).

5. Why shouldn’t I list my car with several brokers to get the best price?

Practically all brokers use the same network of drivers, so if your vehicle is posted on the national board by more than one broker, one of two things will most likely happen: Either your vehicle will be passed up by most drivers, as for the driver doesn’t know which broker ACTUALLY HAS THE CONTRACT and will avoid getting in the middle of a possible problem. Or many times brokers will try to outbid each other on the board, letting drivers wait to call on the broker that offers the most money for the transport, leaving the customer with offers far more costly than what a driver would actually be willing to transport their vehicle for in the first place.

6. Is my vehicle insured while it is being transported?

Yes, federal law requires that your vehicle is insured from the time it is picked up until the time it is delivered. The Carrier is required to carry insurance and his insurance covers the vehicle while it is in his possession. A copy of the carrier’s insurance policy can be furnished to the customer on request.

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